Weight Loss Comparison: See the difference between MyDoctor Weight Loss Clinic versus Other Weight Loss Plans and then contact us at our Escondido or Chula Vista clinics to feel the difference of being healthy again!

Main Benefit

Best for ...

Basic philosophy

Foods that are endorsed

How much work is involved


Medical care provided

Eliminates food cravings?

Physician monitored?

Can prescribe medication?

Contractual obligations?


Physician monitored and medical management of weight loss and obesity.

Individuals who need a multi-faceted approach to overweight and obesity problems

Focus on the problem, not the symptom.

Real food.

Simple, easy to follow.

Call us Today.

Medical care following Bariatric Practice Guidelines, that includes comprehensive initial physical exam and healthy history, labs, EKG, bariatric nutritional counseling, exercise prescription and can assess other associated medical conditions.



Yes/ can also review risks/benefits of any medications used during treatment.

None. Pay month-to-month.

Other Weight Loss Plans

Pre-packaged meal preparation.

People who don't want to prepare meals.

Emphasizes counselor dependence.

Cookie-cutter diet solutions.

Can involve time in scheduling sessions and meal planning.

Expensive weekly costs, long contracts.

Does not provide medical care.


May or may not be physician monitored.


Yes. Typically involves a minimum of 3 to 6 month contracts.

MDWL's pioneering medically-based, physician monitored approach to weight-loss is second to none. Our physicians understand the pathology of obesity and can prescribe drug therapy. Other weight loss clinics can't. And while other weight loss clinics charge weekly and bind you to long-term contracts that build dependency, MDWL provides an affordable, flexible solution. With no contractual obligation. Take control of your life and get healthy again! We have two weight loss clinics conveniently located serving South County San Diego and North County San Diego!